In the fall of 2013, the Graham Centre became the academic partner of the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, forming a partnership for the study of issues in Arctic security and sovereignty. As part of this arrangement, Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon, Professor Emerita of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario, joined the Graham Centre as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow, to work on the Law of the Sea and related matters. Dr. Riddell-Dixon recently published a paper entitled “A Multilateral Code to Govern Arctic Offshore Resource Development.” The paper can be accessed here.

We are also joint sponsors of the Graham-Gordon Arctic Speakers Series, which brings leading authorities on Arctic issues to the University of Toronto to share their experiences and expertise. In October of 2013, we held a book launch for “Ice and Water: Politics, Peoples, and the Arctic Council,” by our Director, John English. On that occasion, John engaged in dialogue with former Circumpolar Ambassador Mary Simon, moderated by Tom Axworthy, President of the Gordon Foundation. Later that month, Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon spoke to a lunchtime audience on “Who Gets What? Extended Continental Shelves.” And in January of 2014, we launched “The Canadian Rangers: A Living History”, by P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Chair of the Department of History at St. Jerome’s University. In October 2014, we hosted a lecture on “Canada and the Arctic Council” by Terry Fenge, the former Strategic Counsel to the International Chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (now Council).

Middle East

The Graham Centre is pleased to join the Canadian Arab Institute and the Canadian International Council to sponsor the speakers’ series “Perspectives on a Changing Middle East,” featuring prominent experts on this region, from the worlds of academe, politics and diplomacy. On January 14, 2014, we began with Michel de Salaberry, former Canadian Ambassador to Iran, Jordan, and Egypt, on “Iran and the Middle East; Regional Implications.” On March 6, welcomed Ussama Makdisi, Professor of History at Rice University and author of Faith Misplaced: The Broken Promise of US-Arab Relations, 1820-2001, to discuss his book on sectarianism in the Middle East.

In fall 2014, the Centre has continued the “Perspectives on a Changing Middle East” series by hosting events featuring Ambassador Mokhtar Lamani and Rami Khouri. On September 24, Ambassador Mokhtar Lamani, the former Head of the Office of the UN-League of Arab States Joint Special Representative for Syria in Damascus and Arab League Special Representative for Iraq, spoke on “Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.” On October 28, Rami Khouri, a senior fellow at the Dubai Initiative-Belfer Center/JFK School of Government at Harvard University  and an expert on Middle Eastern politics, spoke on “Beyond Sunnis and Shiites: Understanding the Turbulent Reconfiguration of Arab States and Citizens.”

Canadian Foreign Policy Conference

On May 13-15, 2015, the Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions conference took place at Trinity College, University of Toronto. This conference focused upon the traditions of Canadian policy and assessed their impact today and their relevance for the future. Scholars, practitioners, and former political leaders led the discussions in an event sponsored by the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History and the Canadian International Council. To watch the video of the conference sessions, please access the links provided below:

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | The New Challenges: Asia

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | The New Challenges: The Arctic and Europe / Russia

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | Interventions

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | The Canadian Economy and Globalization

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | Reflections on the Free Trade Agreements: Political Views

Canadian Foreign Policy: Traditions and Transitions | Reflections on Canada and the United States: Other Views

Research by Visiting Scholars

On February 6, 2015, Bill Graham Centre Visiting Scholar Michael Crawford Urban published an opinion piece in the National Post entitled “Low voter turnout produces bad government. Here’s why.” To read the article, click here.