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who we are


The Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History exists to further and promote the history of international relations since roughly the end of the Second World War. The central elements of our mandate are: promoting the historical study of contemporary international events; and bringing the world of the scholar and that of the policymaker and political practitioner together. Our activities include undergraduate and graduate teaching, the organization and sponsorship of conferences and public lectures by scholars and policymakers, and publications reflecting original research.

We are based at Trinity College in the University of Toronto, where our teaching and research functions are performed, and we work in close cooperation with Trinity’s International Relations and the Munk School’s Master of Global Affairs programs, as well as the University of Toronto’s departments of History, Political Science, and Economics. In addition, we promote international history through partnerships with other institutions and organizations in Canada and abroad.

We recognize the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary international history, and draw upon the insights of political science and economics, within a broadly historical methodological framework. An important dimension of our work is bringing together current and former policymakers with students and scholars to exchange insights and perspectives.