C.D. Howe Series

in Canadian Political History

Series editors: Robert Bothwell and John English

This series offers fresh perspectives on Canadian political history and public policy from over the past century. Its purpose is to encourage scholars to write and publish on all aspects of the nation's political history, including the origins, administration, and significance of economic policies; the social foundations of politics and political parties; transnational influences on Canadian public life; and the biographies of key public figures. In doing so, the series fills large gaps in our knowledge about recent Canadian history and makes accessible to a broader audience the background necessary to understand contemporary public-political issues.

The series originated with a grant from the C.D. Howe Memorial Foundation and is further supported by the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History. For a list of publications in this series, please see here. 


Contemporary Canadian Issues

Series editors: John English and Jack Cunningham

Contemporary Canadian Issues is a partnership between the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International history and Dundurn Press to bring together the latest scholarship, from inside and outside academe, on current issues of concern to an informed Canadian general readership.